Survey 8

Building stakeout

Two of the most common construction applications for surveyor are stakeout of a new buildings and underground pipelines.

A standard method for temporarily referencing building corners is use of batter boards. Because time for our survey is limited, we will not establish batter boards, we will establish locations of the corners of proposed building.

The typical layout procedure is

  1. Set up an instrument at monument P; take line on Q; set stakes at A and B.
  2. Set up an instrument at A; backsight on Q; turn 90 °; set stakes at corners L, M.
  3. Set up an instrument at B; backsight on Q; turn 90 °; set stakes at corners N, O.
  4. Measure diagonals LO and NM and check lengths against lengths computed using the Pythagorean theorem. Restake if necessary.

This is an example of only one possible approach to the problem.

Typical procedure for establishing building stakeout. Point Q is considered to be far.

The trouble arises if setup can not be established at monument. Then

  1. a new setup has to be established on baseline QP.
  2. For that purpose a new position for the setup on the base line can be estimated,
  3. measured against Q and P
  4. and from observed situation (angles, distances)
  5. the proper position for setup (using sine) is being found and setup is moved there.

The equipment

We will work with total station + its target, tape.


Check points established by the other group.

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