Survey 5


The aim is to use triangulation to locate unknown points.

Map of the location near Camko City

Triangulation splits network of control points into system of adjacent triangles. Angles within triangles are measured and one distance is measured. This distance is called base. Then all the distances can be computed and coordinates can be evaluated.

But in such case—there is no—or only a limited check for errors thus also distance of check base is measured. Check base is located on other side of the network.

Proposed system of triangles
Proposed system of triangles
1, 2—Triangulation; 3—Triangulation strengthened by more measurements

The equipment

Use total station to read horizontal angles and to determine the lengths of bases.

Important notes


Evaluate the angles and distances from values measured accordingly. If you choose the overdetermined system of triangles (picture 3 from above), then use

Finally transform coordinates of stations into local coordinate system where A = (0,0) and azimuth AD = 90°. That can be done easily in CAD and is going to be useful to compare the results between the teams.

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