Survey 3

Measured building survey

The most common use for a Measured building survey is to provide accurate plans of a building. The purpose might be eg.

Measured Building Surveys are often carried by utilising the latest non-contact technology (laser), although sometimes there is just no substitute for a tape measure.

The reconstruction of the object demands Measured building survey first
1—Elie Dubois is a girls vocational school run by seven nuns two blocks from the presidential palace in downtown Port-au-Prince. The campus supports a vocational program and several historic buildings dating back to the 1920's. The school serves about 250 students. The nuns lived on campus prior to the earthquake and currently commute across Port-au-Prince.
2, 3—A two-story critically damaged school requires a replacement with improved ventilation and sanitary restrooms. Serving 1100 students, Baptiste Bon Berger's new school of 20 classrooms would be phased in over several years, replacing the tents now on site and freeing the church to more community involvement. The new school design also includes teacher dormitories looking out over the school courtyard.

Typical measured building survey includes:

Typical level/height information; the following levels, heights or vertical dimensions are usually provided:

Also set of digital photographs can be attached.

The equipment

For the purpose of lesson steel/fiberglass tape will be used.


The result will be a plan of the 3rd and 4th floor with a precision of 1 cm. The plan will be compared against ground floor plan, which is part of the building's project.

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